Driscoll’s Consumer Advisory Panel Program: a Review

Berries for breakfast
Berry stuffed berries for breakfast (why not?)

In April this year, I joined the Driscoll Consumer Advisory Panel program to get coupons for berries.  With the cost of food in Hawaii as high as it is, any way we can reduce our grocery bill is a win.  We usually buy 2-3 berry boxes per week, so earning coupons for berries is a quick way to save a couple bucks!  That’s already paying for a Starbucks drink!

1-4 surveys completed 50 cent coupons emailed to you
5-15 surveys completed 75 cent coupons emailed to you
16 or more surveys completed $1.00 coupons emailed to you

These surveys are not extensive– mostly multiple choice, I usually finish mine in under 5 minutes, after which your reward coupon is immediately emailed to you for printing.  The information you provide is based on a specific box of berries you have already purchased and consumed.  Questions are about the quality of the berries and how you enjoyed them. You identify which zip code and store you bought them from, and provide the box’s special code.  I take pictures of each label after I eat the berries, so I can refer to the code later when I fill out the survey.

A typical label with code
A typical label with code

The label also includes the size of the box and what type of berry it contained, which is helpful since you’ll need to remember that for the survey as well. At the end of the survey, you can indicate whether you have an issue you’d like to discuss with their customer care department.  I haven’t done that, but I suspect if you had a real problem, they would want to help resolve the issue with you.

I think this program is great! You devote minimal time (5 min) to providing some useful feedback to the company, and in return get a substantial discount on your next berry purchase.  Berries run between $2.50 and $5.00 per box, so $1.00 off is a great discount. Things I have to remember:

  • Making sure it’s Driscoll brand berries (coupons aren’t good for other brands!)
  • Snapping a picture of the label (or complete the survey right away before you throw out the container)
  • Bringing the printed coupon to the store (I find it helps to tuck them next to my credit cards in my wallet right after printing them)

Check out the program if you’re interested. It’s berry easy and a berry good way to save some money while keeping these healthy foods in your diet.


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