To Do: A Life Bucket List

I recently visited a girl’s blog where she had a life list, a place where she kept track of her life goals and when she achieved them.Β  Some were big, like graduating from a top tier business school, while some were smaller, like trying rock climbing. I think of it as similar to having a Vision Board, somewhere where you can see your dreams. I have regularly written in a journal since I was 12 years old, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a list of goals like this. I liked the idea of writing them out, and wondered what I’d add to my own list at this point in my life.

Surprisingly, when I sat down to start, I drew a blank and had to go for some low-hanging fruit: travel destinations!Β  I DO have a ‘top 5 countries I want to visit’ list (one of these, we visited earlier this year– Japan!) so I started with those. After only a few minutes though, I felt very light and energetic as I brainstormed additional things I want to do.

I also started a second list, of things I want to be. It’s a refreshing way to shake myself out of my routine and think of the bigger picture– is there a way I can work toward one of these big goals today or this week? This is a great exercise for bringing one’s day-to-day life in line with the big picture.

Visit Japan: check!
Visit Japan: check!

To Do: A List

  1. Visit Alaska to see wildlife, eat salmon, and see glaciers!
  2. Visit Greece to eat healthy, delicious Mediterranean food and see that deep color of blue.
  3. Visit Italy to eat their food, drink their wine, and see the beautiful landscapes.
  4. Cruise from Hawaii to Australia or New Zealand, visiting other Pacific island nations on the way. Scuba dive in each place.
  5. Publish a book.
  6. Learn to crochet and create adorable crocheted toys for kids. (see image below for an example!)
  7. Create some Hawaiian image-themed items with photos I’ve taken and sell them on Etsy.
  8. DesignΒ more earrings, increasing my sales and profit margins.
  9. Learn to make at least one recipe per meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and type of food (dessert, barbeque item, snack, cocktail) that is amazingly delicious.

To Be: A List

  1. Author
  2. Creator
  3. Free
  4. Fluent
  5. Wife
  6. Mother
  7. Aunt
  8. Best friend
  9. Innovator
  10. Manager
  11. Penpal
  12. Supporter
  13. Trend-setter

The lists above are the result of about a half hour of thought. I’m planning on editing them and adding many more items to the list. What would you put on your list?

Here’s the original post with the girl’s Life List that inspired me to try this out.


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