Lunch Sketch: Short Breaks from the Grind

On lunch breaks, I usually eat at my desk or sometimes go out with coworkers to grab some food. But every once in a while, I take my sketchbook and head outside for an activity that not only makes me appreciate my surroundings and notice things I otherwise dismiss, but also gets the creative juices flowing and rejuvenates my brain in a way that few things can.

I draw, usually for about half an hour. I’ve picked places where I can draw a building along with some trees or other natural feature.  I’ve found this to be more forgiving than strictly keeping to man-made, straight buildings.

St. Stephen's church
St. Stephen’s church (a little crooked, heh)
view of the Hawaii State capitol
view of the Hawaii State capitol
view of the back of the State Art Museum

So I’m not a professional artist, but I really enjoy the process of sitting down and capturing what I see. It’s tricky to decide which tiny part of the urban landscape it’s possible to draw in 30 short minutes. It gives my brain a break from language and editing and computer screens, which it seems to really appreciate!


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