Free Money for Walking

Earlier this year I began learning about fitness trackers and wondered if it would make sense to get one.  I knew I walked a lot, and usually took the stairs at work (6 flights) at least once a day, but wanted to know more. I liked that some of them track your sleep and exercise sessions as well. So much data could be at your fingertips, not to mention the free money!

I received a Fitbit for Valentine’s Day ❤ from my boyfriend, and thought it was really fun to see how many steps per day I took.   Other inputs on the Fitbit include water intake, food planning and calories burned, and weight.  I don’t use those features, but think it’s great that they’re included for those who have specific weight loss or health goals.

Besides the obvious health benefits of increasing the steps you take and your exercise sessions, shortly after starting to use my Fitbit I found out that Walgreens has a system where you can link your fitness tracker to their rewards program– basically, you get points according to the number of steps you take every day!

The Walgreens system, called Balance Rewards for healthy choices, translates every mile you walk or run into 20 points (up to 1,000 points per calendar month). Once you get 5,000 points, that’s a $5 credit to use at Walgreens. 10,000 points is a $10 credit; 18,000 points gets you a $20 credit. I also get my prescriptions filled at the Walgreens near my apartment, and buy the odd food or cosmetic item at Walgreens, so those purchases also earn me points.

Since syncing my Fitbit to my Walgreens account, I’ve earned thousands of points just for wearing my Fitbit while I walk around like normal. I redeemed some of the points for a fun purchase of toe separators (messy pedicures are the worst) and made up my mind to only use my points for ‘Treat Yo’self’ items. The way I figure it, I’m earning the points by making the healthy choice to walk instead of ride in a car or on the bus, and that earns me a bit of fun money as well as the obvious health benefits.

Hanauma Bay Ridge hike on Oahu
Why not earn some free store credits while hiking Hanauma Bay Ridge on Oahu, simply by wearing your fitness tracker?

Do you own a fitness tracker?  Have you heard of other programs where stores or companies reward you for sharing your fitness data? What do you think of this concept?  Share your thoughts in a comment below!


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