Snacktime! Graze Box Review #4

Here comes the next installment of my graze box snack reviews! This fortnight’s box had the same summery ice cream cone pattern as the last, which is delightful. For more details on this healthy snack subscription box, available in the US and the UK, see the bottom of this post.

three of this week's snacks
three of this week’s snacks
  • Stars and Stripes: LIKE (mini blackcurrant stars, raspberry strings and blueberry flavored cranberries) These taste like fruit roll ups and fruit leather had a baby. Delicious.
  • Kettle Corn Kern Pops: LIKE (sweet & salty popped corn kernels) Ermahgerd kern perps!  ^_^ Pretty straight forward, I like the flavor of these.
  • Creamy Ranch Kern Pops: LIKE (ranch popped corn kernels)  Very subtle ranch seasoning. I like the texture of this snack, which is heftier than normal popped corn.
  • Blueberry Crumble Granola Topper: LIKE (blueberry granola, blueberry flavored cranberries and almond slivers) This is a repeat from an earlier box. Love this on top of a small yogurt as a mid-morning snack.
  • Cocoa Cookie Dippers: TRASH (cocoa cookie dippers with cherry vanilla compote) This is the second dipper snack we’ve gotten and I loved the first one! This one though had very dry cookies that came crumbled up, and it was impossible to use them as a dipper effectively, especially since the compote had cherry chunks in it. Rather disappointing.
  • The Cheeseboard: LIKE (cheese flavored cashews, cheddar bruschetta and baked herb bites) This combo is nice and crispy and cheesy. It would probably go well with beer.
  • Brooklyn Bites: LIKE (poppyseed pretzels, cheese flavored cashews and roasted pumpkin seeds) I love me some pumpkin seeds. The pretzels are decent and the cashews are good too, but the cheese flavor isn’t too strong on them. Try to get all three ingredients in each bite for maximum deliciousness.
  • Garden of England: LIKE (soft apple pieces, strawberries and blackcurrants) This is a repeat from one of our earlier boxes. The black currants are a bit tart.

Graze is a subscription service in both the US and UK that is quite customizable: four or eight snacks? weekly, biweekly, or monthly delivery? sweet or savory or mix of both? There are other themes (protein, low sugar, low calorie) as well if you have specific dietary goals. I get the 8-snack box twice a month (which is $12 a pop, or $1.50 per snack), and began my subscription in May 2015. If you’re interested in getting your first and fifth boxes free, if you use my code REBECK4ZB when you sign up, then I get a bonus as well!  Let me know if you have any questions about graze and I’ll do my best to answer them! 🙂


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