#100in2015 Update on Visiting 100 New Restaurants in 2015!

A few months ago, I posted about the new year’s resolution Michael had and I adopted, where we committed to trying 100 new restaurants this year.  (Read that post here).

Here comes an update on the process, with a few highlights of places we’ve tried and loved.

Cod with sweet miso (Itoh By Nobu)
Cod with sweet miso (Itoh By Nobu)
  • Carthay Circle Restaurant (Disneyland, Anaheim CA) We came here for dinner during our recent trip to Disneyland.  You may think churro carts and corn dogs when you think Disneyland (or even Mickey Mouse shaped pretzels and macarons, both of which I tried as well), but Carthay Circle Restaurant was a great fine dining establishment.  We weren’t decked out for fine dining, but the service and food were both top notch.  Highly recommend the house biscuits!
  • Maguro Brothers (Chinatown, Honolulu, HI) If you want the classic Hawaiian lunch of a poke bowl (pronounced poh-kay) of fresh raw fish and rice, then I would highly, highly recommend making your way to Maguro Brothers in Chinatown.  Tucked in the Kekaulike Market Place, this place has a few tables and the counter, where you order your food.  While they have specials and various other things, the shining star here is the spicy ahi poke bowl.  They mix it up fresh for you, and the quality of the fish is superb.
  • Dagon (Honolulu, HI) and Burma Superstar (San Francisco, CA)  I had been to Burma Superstar a few times in SF, and then discovered Dagon here in Honolulu. Hurrah!  Tea leaf salad! Nan Gyi Dok (rice noodle dish with bean powder-coconut based sauce that reminds me of peanut butter)!
  • Itoh Dining by Nobu (Gora, Hakone, Japan) Itoh by Nobu was an experience that both Michael and I hold dear to our hearts.  One of our top three meals of our lives, for sure.  Wagyu beef, grilled cod with sweet miso, truffle cheese, orange tart with jasmine gelato… Each course was divine, and complemented each other.

I’ve documented 83 new restaurants so far this year, and another 17 are well within reach for the next few months. I have a few bookmarks of hot new places that are already getting rave reviews in Chinatown in Honolulu– hopefully I can try those in the next few weeks during work lunches!

If you’d like to see my full reviews of restaurants, please check out my Yelp profile.


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