Redeeming my Balance Rewards points!

I fell out of the habit of wearing my Fitbit a month or two ago, but then had an idea to clip it onto my purse with a fully charged battery.  Without having to remember to put it on, I’d be able to still count my steps each day since I carry my purse with me most of the time.

Fitbit parked on my purse strap, for effortless point accumulation
Fitbit parked on my purse strap, for effortless point accumulation

These step counts can be linked to your Walgreens Balance Rewards account (as I wrote about in this blog post) and with minimal effort, I kept getting points each day. I reached 18,000 points (with my walking points added to some points from filling prescriptions and other purchases) and just the other day I had $20 credit to use at Walgreens!

They do limit the things you can redeem your points for, so don’t plan on buying gift cards or alcohol with points.  But I decided to get a bunch of food and household goods that we needed with my points.  Originally, I had thought I’d only spend the points on ‘fun’ purchases like nail polish, fancy-smelling shampoo or other treats, but since we moved recently and are in the midst of a major home renovation, I wanted to instead buy useful things.

$20 credit applied to my purchase!
Rewards redemption of $20 applied to my purchase! Woo!

Look at all the stuff I got for free!

Earned mostly for just walking around
Earned mostly for just walking around

I know that Windex is normally not something to get excited about, but in this case I was stoked because we needed it to clean our windows– our first windows to clean as homeowners! I can highly recommend those coconut almond fiber bars! Think of it as an almond joy that’s also good for your digestive system. Sooooo tasty! Even though we live in Hawaii, I thought with fall setting in, Campbell’s tomato soup and grilled cheese would be a good meal someday soon. With all the renovation work, I think it’s important to treat yo’self with good food… and the occasional pumpkin-shaped treat.


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