Chester Kitty: My Contribution to the World of Internet Cat Videos

Back in April of this year, I started posting short videos of our cat, Chester, on YouTube.  As his adopted mother, I knew that his antics and cuteness needed to be seen and appreciated by more than just Michael and I.  He was at ease with our roommate Alex as well, but with visitors he would become reserved.  So I tried to capture some of his habits on camera.

Two Somersaults was his debut video, and set the bar high with Scott Joplin’s sweet ragtime tune and Chester’s artful acrobatics. Chester loves those small, bright bins from IKEA, which I used to use for storage but he adopted. He loves not seeing out of the bin, maybe it’s the sense of urgency or danger that it creates? Tumblin’ is a follow-up on this theme, with more bin fun.

I’ve seen it mentioned in a few articles that watching cute animal videos online helps increase productivity.  It’s something about how your brain tunes into the cuteness and becomes more attentive, which then translates to more attention to other tasks you do thereafter.  So go ahead, watch these videos!  Who knew increasing your productivity could be so fun, right?

You’re welcome for the music as well.  It always gets stuck in my head when I’m editing these videos! ^_^


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