A+ Customer Service and Gratitude

My fitbit got damaged probably 2 months ago but I could still charge it and it worked just fine.  I kept it in my purse and it counted my steps and floors climbed just like normal.  (See these blog posts on my no-fuss fitbit usage and an overview of the Walgreens points system.)

Then last week I tried charging it and the small piece of plastic on the back wouldn’t hold on any longer.  My Charge could no longer charge. 😦  I decided to contact customer service to see if there was a way they could repair it or I could trade it in for a new one.

Contacting customer service is never on my list of things I look forward to doing, so I dilly-dallied a few days before sitting down and steeling myself for what was typically a drawn-out, painful process… I chose to do the chat option on the fitbit website, and was absolutely blown away by the quick answers and solution-oriented chat I had with the customer service agent.  No, they don’t take the damaged ones, and no, they don’t need any proof of purchase.  I think he simply looked up my account with them and verified that I actually had a fitbit.  Since it was still under warranty, he asked for my shipping address, and size and color preference.  I gave the information, and literally 5 minutes later I received this email confirming my replacement fitness tracker was on its way:


To have such a pleasant experience with a customer service provider, and on a Saturday as well, was such a gift.  I made sure to fill out the requested survey on my experience, remembering to note my agent’s name and thanking them.

As a dedicated Yelp reviewer, I know that it’s more likely for people with a horrible experience to leave feedback, or those who have had exemplary service.  Those extremes are when we’re motivated to let others know what to expect.  In this season of hectic schedules, lots of travel, and more than enough to do, this experience reminded me to be grateful when things go well.  And it was a good reminder to value those who provide us with customer service, who are working long hours especially this time of year.


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