Book List Update: Q1 2016

It’s already the end of March so I thought I’d check in with ya’ll on my 2016 Book List progress!  I wrote a blog post on my goal of reading 12 books this year, and listed those I thought I’d tackle in this blog post.

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle was a beast.  I started reading and listening to this book right before Christmas and it took me until the third week of February to get through it.  I’d listen to it when I was working on renovating our bathroom, so when I think about painting the wall or tiling the back wall, I think about the chapter I was listening to at that time.  I appreciated parts of this book an its portrayal of marriage and the self, but overall I thought it was a slog.


I have also read Winter of Our Disconnect which wasn’t on my reading list as of late December last year.  This was some entertaining non-fiction, documenting a single mom and her children’s disconnect from at-home internet and smartphones.  I think being able to disconnect and live life without wifi is becoming a lost art, and worth exploring. Perhaps ironic that I read this book on my Kindle…. even though my sister sent me a paperback version… >.<

I’m still trying to read each daily essay in Savor.  The past few weeks I’ve fallen out of the habit since my parents were visiting from Europe and I’ve also been trying to get over a nasty cold.  I do appreciate the chance to think about larger ideas each morning though, and connect them to whatever is happening in my life that day.

I’m currently listening to Go Set a Watchman since the e-book wasn’t available from the Hawaii Public Library but the audiobook was.  So far it’s pretty good, telling the story of Jean Louise coming home to Maycomb Alabama from New York for a visit.  Things might have just shifted for her though, when she sees her father and potential fiance at a citizen council meeting…

What are you reading these days?  Do you have any recommendations for me on what to tackle next from my list?


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