Turning Drinks into Dog Treats

Last year before Lent began, my boyfriend told me that he gives something up each year. He decided to give up soda that year. In solidarity, I decided to give up something too– that year, I gave up the occasional luxurious Starbucks latte I was in the habit of enjoying.Ā  This year, we both gave up bubble tea.

Both years, I would keep a running tally of how many coffees or bubble teas I would have bought.Ā  At $4 or so a pop, these drinks added up quickly.Ā  Both years, by Easter I would have spent around $50 on these items.

I decided to take that money and donate it to a cause I believe in– in both years, this was to the Hawaiian Humane Society.Ā  Dropping off a check at the Humane Society made me feel very good about my 40-day fast, like the money that otherwise would have been spent on something enjoyable but fleeting was going toward something more important. Plus it was an excuse to go pat the dogs and cats on the head and scratch their chins.

After the Lenten fast, it was much easier to appreciate the drinks I otherwise may have taken for granted. We tried a new bubble tea place on Easter this year and I really enjoyed the tapioca pearls and sweet milk tea!

What did you give up for Lent? Did it make you appreciate things more?

A local bubble tea shop’s amazing banner

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