Graze Box Review #7 and Hiatus

Graze box for week of April 4th

An update on the Graze system: they only have an 8-snack option now (no 4-box option), which costs $12. You can choose which type (savory, sweet, mix, dietary-focused ones). They also have larger serving sharing bags of snacks.  They offer occasional 4-box specialty boxes such as their recent chocolate box. Here are the snacks I received last week:

Peachy Orchard: LOVE (rhubarb slices, pear and peach fruit drops) The pears, peach gummies, and rhubarb are all delicious. They have great textures and the pears and rhubarb are both a little tangy, while the peach gummies make it seem like I’m just eating fruit snacks.

Chinese Shiitake broth: TRASH (a mild mushroom broth, with sweetcorn, shiitake mushroom and rice noodles) The concept is pretty cool, having a paste and little corn bits and rice noodles and mushroom bits that you can make in a mug at work. But this one is too spicy for me, and the corn didn’t really reconstitute enough so the texture was off.

Chocolate Cherry Protein Granola Topper: LOVE (cocoa granola, chopped hazelnuts, freeze-dried cherry pieces and soy protein crisps) I like these granola toppers, and usually top some yogurt with one for breakfast.  This one seems super decadent and the taste is on point.

Salted Fudge and Peanut Cookie: LOVE (baked salted peanuts, mini cocoa cookies, redskin peanuts and vanilla fudge) This is a repeat from an earlier box, but I’d eat this one every day if I could.  Lovely interaction between flavors.

Strawberry Chocolate Cheesecake: LIKE (cranberries, mini cocoa cookies, strawberry fruit drops and mini vanilla marshmallows) This is a fun snack, although I doubt it’s really healthy, with all its marshmallows… >.<

Sour Cream and Garlic Crostini: LOVE (sour cream and onion flavored cashews with garlic crostini) This is a great snack. Not one to enjoy if you’re going to be close-talking to someone shortly thereafter– it’s very garlicky!

Italian Herb Foccaccia: LIKE (hickory smoked almonds, rosemary crostini, roasted pumpkin seeds and mini basil breadsticks) This was a great little zesty addition to a lunch of mild and creamy mushroom soup.

Summer Berry Flapjack: LIKE (rustic rolled oat flapjack with berry-infused cranberries)  I like the taste of these flapjacks, which is bright and sweet.

I’ve decided to take a hiatus from graze for a while.  The $12 per month cost is reasonable given the diverse and mostly healthy snack options you get.  I’ve had a few months when the package was delayed and arrived beat up, but that might just be the Post Office’s fault. I might be back as a graze subscriber– we’ll see!  I think it’s just time for investing my money in a different fun monthly subscription.  Stay tuned while I consider my options…


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