Volcano Steam and Black Sand

A (Super) Quick Guide to some of my favorites on Hawaii: the Big Island

Hilo: For accommodation, I highly recommend Pakalana Inn, which is a family run little Bnb near the farmers market. You’ll need to book a table at Paul’s if you’ll want breakfast. Bayfront Coffee, Kava and Tea hosts jam sessions.

Volcano: I’ve enjoyed the Thai restaurant in Volcano, as well as darling little Cafe Ono that’s close to the entrance road to the National Park. Cafe Ono can satisfy your tchotchke craving, if you have one. The little town of Pahoa lies south of Hilo sort of on your way to Volcano. Charming but threatened by lava flow.

Kona: Island Lava Java has a great breakfast and coffee selection. Kenichi’s Pacific sushi bar is very fresh but a little bit of a drive. UCC is a lovely coffee roasting outfit where you can roast your own beans! And try different types of coffee before you buy.

Check out my vlog of a recent trip to the Big Island:



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