Graze Box Review #8


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I broke it off with Graze only to be brought back into the fold with the lure of some discounted boxes. Their customer service is quite good, actually– they are responsive to concerns and apologize if they make a mistake (I once got a snack that I specifically ‘trashed’ so that I wouldn’t get it).  I mostly like their snacks and enjoy the variety.  So we’ll stay with them a while longer and see how it goes!

  • The cheeseboard: LIKE (cheese flavored cashews, cheddar cheese bruschetta and baked herb bites)  This snack is pretty good, not overly salty which I appreciate.  I like how they included the herb flavored crackers to make it as though you’ve got some amazing charcuterie platter.
  • Cranberry and hazelnut toasts with a rich cocoa dip: LIKE (dark chocolate with cranberry hazelnut toasts)  Very good little crispy toasts, but when I get a dipper I always have dip left over which is sad.
  • Vanilla almond protein granola topper: LIKE (oat and barley granola, almond slivers, vanilla pumpkin seeds and soy protein crispies) I like all their granola toppers, and always add them to some yogurt for breakfast.
  • Bountiful berries: LOVE (goldenberries, cranberries, green raisins and blueberries) So good!  I’d never even heard of goldenberries (is this a European thing?  Or do I just live under a rock? Comment below and tell me more about these!)  but enjoyed this mix a lot. So sweet and refreshing!
  • Cocoa and vanilla protein flapjack: LIKE (rustic rolled oat cocoa flapjack with mixed seeds) I’m kind of on the fence about their flapjacks. I’ve tried a few flavors and always struggle to finish a whole serving (which is only 3…) of these.
  • Kettlecorn kern pops: TRASH (sweet & salty popped corn kernels) I’m not a big sweet popcorn person, so it’s not surprising I’m not a fan of these.
  • Stars and stripes: LOVE (mini blackcurrant stars, raspberry strings and blueberry flavored cranberries)  Like fruit snacks.  Delish!
  • Deconstructed carrot cake: LOVE (carrot chews, cinnamon flavored raisins, walnuts and ginger fudge) I’m a fan of the carrot chews, and appreciate the generous, mostly half walnuts included in here. It really does taste just like carrot cake if you get all the elements in one bite.

Interested in trying out healthy Graze snacks yourself?  You can get your first and fifth boxes free by using my coupon code: REBECK4ZB. Click here to check out their snack descriptions, box options and other info. Let me know if you have any questions!


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