Natural Deodorant Reviews

For the past couple years, I’ve not used anti-perspirant and instead chosen to use a salt crystal along with a deodorant that doesn’t have the aluminum-based compounds that anti-perspirants contain.  These compounds plug up your sweat glands and prevent you from sweating.  I’m fine with sweating… as long as I don’t stink afterward.  Which is a tall order, given the nature of sweat. That’s why I’ve been on a journey to try to find the right product.

The products below are ones I’ve tried enough to summarize pretty well how they work for me.  I hope this is helpful for you, if you’re considering trying out such products.

Salt Crystal I’ve used this same brand of salt crystal the whole time I’ve used deodorant.  I usually apply this right after the shower, when my skin is still wet and the salt crystal can glide easily.  Getting a layer of salt on the skin helps to make it unattractive to bacteria (which are the source of the stink).


Geo Deo I used Geo Deo for about a year and a half, using both the Island and Rainforest scents.  It worked pretty well, especially in the first half of the day.  The exception was when I had a meeting or presentation, when I’d sweat more, and this product would basically stop working. B


Desert Essence The natural foods store in Honolulu where I bought Geo Deo said it was discontinued the last time I went in.  So I looked at what else they had in stock, and chose the Spring Fresh scent of Desert Essence.  And, after using it for about a week and a half, I agree with my boyfriend’s assessment (he got the same brand as well to try) that it’s “about as effective as lip gloss” as a deodorant.  D


Honest Co. Given the situation with the Desert Essence, I was back on the hunt for an alternative pretty quick.  Whole Foods had a few choices and I chose the lavender vanilla scent from the Honest Company.  It’s a spray which I originally thought was odd, but since I’ve started using this product, I’ve been nothing but impressed with it.  Even during stressful days when I may sweat more than normal, it’s still worked well. A


I hope this helps you, if you’re interested in trying any new deodorants.  Are there other brands that you’ve found to be effective that I should try?


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