Fitness v. Reading

As a goal-oriented person, I take my commitments very seriously and take immense pleasure in seeing progress as I get closer to my goals.  Unfortunately, each day only has a limited number of hours in it, so we can only accomplish so much in a given day.  There’s a push and a pull for each decision I make on how I spend my time.  Lately, the tension has been between my goal of finishing the P90X fitness program before my boyfriend and I set off on our European vacation in late August, and making progress on my reading goal for this year.

When he suggested we do the P90X program, we calculated that we had plenty of time to finish the 90-day program before our departure, with some extra days thrown in, in case of sickness or if we needed extra rest days.  What we soon realized after starting the program was that when it’s both a work day and P90X day, that usually doesn’t leave much time or energy for any other activity.  If we had dinner planned with friends, that usually meant we wouldn’t be working out that day.

It is helpful to have a workout sheet on the fridge and see what’s coming up in the next few days.  I love washi tape and use it to cover each workout as we complete them.


I joke that playing with washi tape is the reason why I do the workouts.

We’re now on Week 10 of the program (woo hoo!) but that means I’ve really dropped the ball on my reading goals.  It also doesn’t help that I started reading a 900+ page novel that’s pretty slow to get into.  I’ve recently made an effort to get back into listening to the audiobook on my walk home after work, but it’s a real struggle some days.  Perhaps I should start a vision board for my reading goals just like I have for P90X.  That way I could see my progress and get motivated!


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