Graze Box in July 2016

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Lemon Drizzle Flapjack (rustic rolled oat flapjack with lemon curd and yogurt drizzle) Their flapjacks are generally pretty sweet. This style is quite zesty which I like.

Pizza Margherita (cheese flavored cashews, basil crunchini and mini tomato breadsticks) This snack is quite nice, not too salty or over-the-top in flavoring. Always love cashews!

Active Nutrient Blend (chopped dates, pumpkin seeds and walnuts) This is one of the snacks that I never get excited about, but when I eat it, I love it.  Dates are so sweet and delicious, I should just eat dates as a snack on their own!

Mango Coconut Protein Granola Topper (coconut flakes, almond slivers, oat and barley granola and soy protein crisps with mango and passion fruit sauce) One of my favorite snacks from Graze, by far.  Love the passion fruit/mango sauce!

White chocolate with Wild blueberry toasts (white chocolate dip with wild blueberry toasts) These are fun but I don’t use all the white chocolate usually and then feel bad throwing it away. :/

Tuscan Pesto Kern Pops (cheddar cheese popped corn kernels and mini basil bread sticks) Love the texture of kern pops!

Garden of England (soft apple pieces, mini strawberries and black currants) Quite tart apples and black currants. I always eat the strawberries first.

Vitamin E Defense (roasted hazelnuts, redskin peanuts, jumbo raisins and cranberries) A fun mix of nuts and dried fruits.  I added this to a plain Greek yogurt, and it really made it tasty! Crunchy nuts and bright sweet dried fruits really complemented the sour plain yogurt.


After being a Graze subscriber for quite some time, I’ve decided to stop getting their snacks for the time being. I fancy a break! But if you have any questions about their service, please let me know!


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