Reminders, Apps, and Mint

I recently sent in some of my spit to have my ethnicity tested.  In order to activate my account, I had to register on the company’s website and sign up for an introductory month for a subscription to their archives.  I did this and sent off my spit sample so I could know more about my genes, what percentage Scandinavian or Western European, Central European, perhaps something else entirely… who knows? My genes do, and it’s fascinating to think we live in a time when knowing your ethnic makeup is possible.


But then a pending charge came up on my Mint app a few days ago.  I had forgotten to cancel my subscription after the introductory period and was charged $35!  I check Mint every day to keep tabs on bank and investment accounts, and in this case it really gave me the heads up on my mistake.  I immediately canceled my subscription and called the company to see if they would consider reversing the charges.  I knew I had missed the deadline to cancel by a day, but wanted to give it a shot.

They had no problem refunding me the $35, which I thought was wonderful news.  Once I receive my DNA results I’ll deal with the company a bit more and then let you know the pros/cons of using their services.  So far though, they’re an A+.

I usually set reminders on Google calendar for important events, and I’m surprised that I didn’t set one for canceling my subscription since I knew when I registered that I only had 14 days before I’d be charged.  This is a good reminder to use Google calendar since notifications can come as emails or pop-ups on my phone.  It’s also a good reminder how awesome Mint is– I highly recommend their app for tracking your finances!


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