Pre-Vacation Prep

walking iris

The countdown to our European vacation is on!  The suitcases are half-full of presents for the family and random things I’ll need on the trip, such as socks.  Living in Hawaii, I rarely wear socks so I had to unearth them from the closet.  Clothing and toiletries still need to be packed.

What else am I getting done in these last 3 days before we leave?

  • Funds: Call the credit card and regular debit card companies to let them know about the trip so they don’t flag my card when I charge something or take out cash at ATMs in Rejkjavik or Venice. Check with the debit card company on their rate (turns out mine is 1% for cash withdrawals), so we can compare that rate to another possible card that isn’t connected to my personal accounts.
  • Work: Wrapping up work projects feels good.  To do: hand off details, locations of files and paperwork to coworkers who are taking over my projects while I’m gone.
  • Insurance: Do we need travel insurance?  It might be a good idea.  We had a friend recommend Allianz Global Assistance to us.  She had to make a claim when her luggage was damaged and said they were responsive.  Need to check if my medical insurance works abroad as well, and note down the numbers for contacting them in case I need to see a doctor or visit an ER abroad.

While the above items seem boring, I think having this information ready if needed will save a few headaches and even some money by avoiding paying more for changing money or going to a non-participating partner hospital.


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