Letting Go is the Way to Go

It’s been years since I went SCUBA diving. Back when I got certified, I purchased some quality equipment and went on some amazing dives off the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii. It was very cool, exhilarating even, but I always felt as though I was defying the laws of nature by being fifty feet below the surface of the ocean.

The author pretending to be a space explorer with ray gun (flashlight), being photobombed by a manta ray (Kona coast, Big Island of Hawaii)

So my wetsuit has moved with me as I go, hung in my closet in three different apartments over the years.  Why did I keep the wetsuit for so long? It was an investment that I made long ago, so I wanted to ‘get my money’s worth’. People have a hard time letting go, but once they do it’s a relief.  See this article for more on this phenomenon: https://www.headspace.com/blog/2017/06/16/cutting-losses/ Once I came to grips with reality– that I’m not a regular SCUBA diver anymore, and if I ever wanted to go diving again, I could just rent a suit on that occasion– I wanted to pass it onto someone who could use it.

I posted my wetsuit on craigslist and have kept relisting it as the ad expires, every couple months. I’d reduce my asking price to try to entice a buyer. Finally, it worked out last night and a woman purchased my wetsuit. I feel great. My closet isn’t housing something I never use, and it can go with her on exciting dives in Hawaii! I may have only gotten back a fraction of the amount I paid for the suit, but I no longer have the obligation to keep it, which is a great, light feeling.

Do you keep things just because you feel like you should? Have you gotten rid of anything recently– how did you feel?



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