What does fika flicka mean?

fika is a Swedish noun/verb that refers to gathering with friends for a social coffee break; flicka means girl in Swedish

Grilled oyster image
Fresh grilled oyster, anyone? 

This blog is my venue for sharing a fika with the world, where we can sit down for a spell and share some stories and learn from each other.  Since we’re all busy people, my articles will be bite sized.

My aim in creating this blog is to create readable, relevant content that shares some of my experiences with readers interested in life, beauty, growth, budgets and simplicity.

I am a Swedish-American professional woman living in Honolulu, Hawaii with my fiance, our two cats, and roommate. My WordPress username, beckbeckay, is the same as my Instagram username and I often post pictures of food, cute things, beautiful scenes from Hawaii, and our cats, Chester and Zoe. I also post videos on Youtube, as user Rebecka A. Look me up!

Chester in the sink
Chester in the bathroom sink

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